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  • Coinpad OTB treasure box

    The so-called coin box created a coin. It’s cheap and simple, a replacement for your pocket, nothing special.
  • Ferrous Limits Manticore

    Why is discrimination the enemy of the Seeker? I will try to explain it using the top model of the
  • Pinpointer SPHINX 03

    The new pinpointer from the Russian company Sphinx 03 is breaking popularity records abroad.
  • Analogowy czy cyfrowy?

    Have you ever wondered why analog metal detectors still have their place in the world of treasure hunting? Let us
  • Nexus swept the competition

    For many years, the theory has been promoted that analog detectors are obsolete devices that have gone down in modern
  • Feature image not available

    Minelab Manticore how to use the stabilizer

    The power into the ground is the same with or without All Metal enabled.

    It was to be expected that XP would release something new, the expectations were high. Have I been disappointed personally?
  • XP DEUS II programs table

    Thanks to our colleague CPT_GhostLight from the PROSPECTORDETECTOR forum, we have a nice table with a list of programs for
  • Minelab Manticore and Multi IQ+ technology

    The first outing with Minelab Manticore was not successful. I had considerable doubts.
  • Nexus Pathfinder V3 that is crazy!

    Nexus Pathfinder v3 is the third installment of this amazing frame detector (twobox). What do we get this time?
  • Nexus vs rest of the world

    The race is on for the best, free flashlights, vibrations, water resistance, 50% more power, 2D, 3D, and 6D graphs
  • Masked with iron

    In times of constant struggle for customers, manufacturers use various tricks to gain our interest.
  • Wasp nest

    Someone put a stick in a wasp’s nest, and this time it could turn out great for us Detectives.
  • Has Minelab lied to its users?

    One American YouTuber started a war claiming that Minelab lied to users by claiming 50% more power in the Manticor,
  • The revolution that is not coming

    I have a strange feeling that the world of metal detectors is stuck at a certain point.
  • Nokta Makro The Legend pairing problem with BT headphones

    After updating the software to 1.09 and updating the Bluetooth module, the detector does not see the factory wireless headphones.
  • Minelab Manticore is a mythomaniac dream

    Minelab announced the birth of a new detector called Manticore some time ago.
  • Minelab Equinox 700 and 900 the fish rots from the head

    Has become. Minelab announced new models… Equinox 700 and 900. That’s how they did it… they refreshed the line.
  • Which pinpointer to choose?

    What pinpointer picks a mole? As a rule, the answer we hear is the cheapest one, a large error.
  • Depth or separation?

    Depth or separation? The eternal question and sleepless nights.