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  • XP DEUS II programs table

    Thanks to our colleague CPT_GhostLight from the PROSPECTORDETECTOR forum, we have a nice table with a list of programs for
  • Minelab Manticore and Multi IQ+ technology

    The first outing with Minelab Manticore was not successful. I had considerable doubts.
  • Nexus Pathfinder V3 that is crazy!

    Nexus Pathfinder v3 is the third installment of this amazing frame detector (twobox). What do we get this time?
  • Nexus vs rest of the world

    The race is on for the best, free flashlights, vibrations, water resistance, 50% more power, 2D, 3D, and 6D graphs
  • Masked with iron

    In times of constant struggle for customers, manufacturers use various tricks to gain our interest.
  • Wasp nest

    Someone put a stick in a wasp’s nest, and this time it could turn out great for us Detectives.
  • Has Minelab lied to its users?

    One American YouTuber started a war claiming that Minelab lied to users by claiming 50% more power in the Manticor,
  • The revolution that is not coming

    I have a strange feeling that the world of metal detectors is stuck at a certain point.
  • Nokta Makro The Legend pairing problem with BT headphones

    After updating the software to 1.09 and updating the Bluetooth module, the detector does not see the factory wireless headphones.
  • Minelab Manticore is a mythomaniac dream

    Minelab announced the birth of a new detector called Manticore some time ago.
  • Minelab Equinox 700 and 900 the fish rots from the head

    Has become. Minelab announced new models… Equinox 700 and 900. That’s how they did it… they refreshed the line.
  • Which pinpointer to choose?

    What pinpointer picks a mole? As a rule, the answer we hear is the cheapest one, a large error.
  • Depth or separation?

    Depth or separation? The eternal question and sleepless nights.
  • The Nexus is a completely different detector

    Nexus MPv3 is a detector so different from currently presented detectors that it is difficult to compare them directly.
  • Nexus Standard MP V3

    Nexus Standard MPv3 is the next incarnation of the metal detector of the already famous manufacturer.
  • EMI interference

    What is EMI Interference? The definition is quite broad and a bit confusing for non-technical people: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is
  • XP with panel or without?

    The question is simple with or without a panel? ORX, DEUS, and DEUS II are available in the lite version,
  • The silent killer

    There are days when all the monotony is dazzling. And this time it happened.
  • Great Trinity

    Five months of intensive field testing with us. The area is 6000 m².
  • Nokta Makro The Legend real SMF

    The Collins Dictionary defines the word “legend” as follows: When you refer to someone as a legend, it means that