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DeepTech metal detector – heir to Tesoro

The Tesoro metal detector was synonymous with durability and quality, simplicity, and outstanding performance. Unfortunately, like Whites Electronics, it was lost in the depths of history. It won’t come back anymore. DeepTech used the legacy of Tesoro, adding a lot from themselves, and while you can have reservations about the quality of workmanship, absolutely not when it comes to performance and audio.

Analog devices

The simplicity of analog knobs and two-tone audio does not appeal to every Seeker or Detector. You have to be born with it or love it. There are no bells and whistles, you will not see the display and numerical identification of the target. Ground calibration is manual. In this way, we get to know the roots of detecting, and the adventure with the metal detector becomes complete. We learn the equipment and the principle of operation, we understand many factors that we normally miss.

Such analog organicity in the world of metal detectors. The lack of a scale of numbers forces us to constantly work, it is more difficult to skip items because you have to check it. Our hearing becomes our ally in the search, and not the board in the detector housing, but our brain becomes the computer. There is a no faster and better computer.

I remember Mariusz and I were surprise when, testing the 14-inch probe for the Vista X detector, we buried Kopeyka at 67 cm in an arable field. We couldn’t believe that the device would signal it. We checked a couple of times. We had doubts about whether something had been overlooked us. Next was a 47 cm thin silver coin, similarly loud and clear. The last was the base of the IWW fuse, a trifle 1 meter 20 centimeters long. There are no illusions.

On top of everything comes double discrimination, which allows you not to lose off-road performance. The most important depth. Other metal detectors don’t have that choice. We set discriminate and lose performance. Here we can check items. In the DeepTech Vista X model, there is also the so-called. Threshold, i.e. adjustment of the threshold signal, in this case, it is rather a ground filter, allowing for smooth regulation of its response. We want to work silently, without ghost signals or interference, we just turn and kick certain signals only. We want to reach deep, we dial the threshold and look for ghost signals. We only dig the silent deepest targets.


Alternative to SMART PRO+

Anyone who appreciates simplicity can choose the SMART PRO+ model. Why? It does not have double discrimination or Threshold, but it has a Pinpoint with which we can precisely target targets and, with a little practice, check their type. A simple and intuitive device, which, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, is not inferior to the Vista X model.


Finally, there’s the Vista Gold Gain II metal detector. The high frequency of operation allows searching in heavier soil conditions and with greater iron contamination and highlights small and thin objects. Gold jewelry or silver coins are no longer a problem.

Everyone will find something for themselves and that’s for sure. If you want to focus on the results and not on the equipment, take a chance and choose DeepTech.

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