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Growing up the place

Growing up the place. How to do it? New equipment costs a lot and usually not everyone can afford large investments. We start by checking what we have and what our colleagues have. We do a summary.

  • Frequency – when the metal detector has variable frequencies to choose from, we look for the lowest one. We set. Then discrimination – the enemy of every Detector, down as low as possible or switching to All Metal modes, we gained in range.
  • Filters – reactivity, the lower the value, the deeper the device, but it separates objects worse. We’ll deal with that too by simply sweeping slower. Other than ID or magnetic stones or identification of caps, it is worth turning off.
  • Sweep probe – maybe it’s worth working on better tracking over the ground? Movements should be slow – about 2 seconds from extreme positions and smooth and parallel all the time to the ground level.
  • Seat post – adjust so that the probe is 3 to 5 cm above its surface. The next centimeters are ours.
  • Sensitivity – it’s time to set it to the level of stable operation and get rid of interference. This is our greatest enemy, shortening our ranges. We always use automatic detuning or manually look for the most stable channel or operating frequency.
  • Ground calibration – something often neglected. It is worth doing it precisely in a clean place. We check and repeat as we work. We track the values and, if necessary and possible, manually adjust the conditions. The next centimeters depend on it!
  • The size of the probe – is significant, despite the common opinion, although the truth is that technique counts. For cluttered places, a smaller one will be ok, for large and clean and relatively even areas, a larger one will be useful, which will improve efficiency and range.
  • The seat itself – the most bizarre thing – the direction of the passage. You need to change the overlap on the objects. Across, diagonally along. We go around every signal for about. I suggest using the Tect O Trak application based on data from the GPS of our phone. It’s a lot of comfort and organization of work, especially when we return to our favorite place.
  • The power of nature – you can use rainfall and wind, which cause the soil to lower over time. Often coins can lie washed out on the surface. Meteo forecast is Windy and Meteo apps.
  • Wunderwaffe – it is also worth borrowing a PI frame detector and walk the same place with a device that only sees larger objects and at a greater depth, we will skip surface debris.

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