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Metal detector for beginners

Searching for coins, souvenirs and various types of treasures hidden underground is an activity that has many enthusiasts. Every person who wants to start their adventure with treasure hunting should equip themselves with a decent metal detector. What model will be ideal for beginners? We have some tips. We encourage you to read!

Which detector to choose for the beginning?

The choice of metal detectors is very large. There are devices with the logo of many manufacturers, with different parameters and in a wide price range. What issues should you pay attention to when looking for the perfect first detector? We have some tips!

What is our goal?

Question number one is about our goals, which is what we will be looking for. Depending on your preferences, we can focus on searching for coins, military items made of steel, jewelry, items made of non-ferrous metals, and many other valuables. If we want to focus on specific items or do not intend to waste time digging up worthless garbage, a device with a discrimination function will be an excellent choice. And matched to the artifacts we are looking for – objects.

Where will we look for valuables?

Another important issue is the areas of our search. Let’s analyze whether we want to focus on forests, meadows, beaches, and other places of this type, or whether we plan to walk with our device through a river, and ponds, and wander in the waters of seas and lakes.

Metal detector – price

Of course, the purchase of a detector is a cost and often it is not small money. It is good to determine at the outset how much we want and can pay for the device. However, it should be remembered that devices from the lowest shelf, for about PLN 150-200, may not work well and disappoint us or even discourage us from the hobby. The optimal solution for beginners is to buy a mid-range device for about PLN 1000-2500.

Metal detector – working time

The longer the expeditions, the more capacity the device should have. Keep in mind, however, that the weight of the device increases with the capacity of the battery. For beginners, heavy models may not be a very comfortable solution.

Metal detector – technology

For beginners, detectors that are easy to use and have basic functions will work best. Professional equipment is worth buying when you gain experience.

Detectors for beginners – a few suggestions

Thinking about all beginners who are looking for their first detector, we have prepared a few suggestions:


It is a lightweight, intuitive to use, and at the same time effective detector that will certainly appeal to everyone starting their adventure with treasure hunting. The device is small, handy and equipped with a separation function. Achievements can pleasantly surprise. It’s a real class by itself.


SIMPLEX+ is an affordable, lightweight and intuitive metal detector. The device is equipped with a simple, single menu, an automatic ground balance function and a discrimination function. This detector will work both on land and in water (waterproof up to 3 meters). Compact when folded, the manufacturer offers a free software update.

Vista X

Another noteworthy proposition for both beginners and experienced users is the Vista X detector.  The greatest advantages of the mentioned device are above-average performance, ease of use and double separation. Affordable and convenient to use.

Nokta Macro Mini and Midi HOARD

The first waterproof detector for children. Two MINI versions from 4 to 8 years old and MIDI from 8 to 12 years old. Having fun together and learning about history. There’s nothing better!

Advanced and institutional detector

The world’s first detector based on artificial intelligence. The device recognizes shapes, type of object, gives dimensions and depth. The perfect tool for archaeological research. Simple intuitive interface in Polish.


The great search for treasures hidden in the earth is a fascinating activity that enjoys a growing number of enthusiasts. How to choose your first detector? First of all, it should be intuitive to use, quite light and adapted to the area in which we will conduct the search. If you have problems with the choice, it is worth relying on the help of specialists.

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