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Nokta Makro The LEGEND kompletne zaskoczenie!

The Nokta Makro The LEGEND metal detector surprised me completely. I did not assume that the device is so well made and works stably and pleasantly. It’s too early to make a final judgment, but my buddies feel the same way. The device has potential.

Let’s start from the beginning. The premise of Nokta Makro was to take over a specific segment occupied by the Equinox 800 model from the Australian company Minelab … and I have a st

range feeling that it just succeeded!

In addition to the lack of defects, the quality and price known from the competition are impressive. We get real multi-frequency equipment, easy to use, waterproof, and really well made. A carbon Seatpost or really great quality wireless headphones with an additional case are really nice gestures and the fact that someone up there is listening to us. There are also disadvantages, such as sloppy glued shipping film, or keys without backlighting or coloring of function icon

s for better visibility. I’m probably picky, but I like complete solutions.

Weight and ergonomics are known from the cheap SIMPLEX+ model and this cannot be questioned, but let’s not forget. This is definitely a high-end detector! Why? The technology allows better signaling of low and high conductors, similar to fine gold jewelry. We will skip less. Work in salt water and highly mineralized soil? No problem. It’s a bit of a Swiss Army Knife, and it’s really refined. Of course, it’s not XP DEUS II, but I think that Minelab will start counting losses at this price quite soon.

The menu is simple and clear, but the settings are really amazing! Do you want to change the volume of signaling for a given ID, its tone, or range? No problem. Do you want to connect BlueTooth wireless headphones and not necessarily factory ones? No problem.

Okay, we already know that. The competition is similar. That’s a fact, but not at this price!

The Ferro Check function is nothing more than a bar showing to what extent the object under the probe is moving towards iron or color. It really makes work easier (caps and other junk), and if we add to it new polyphonic audio, a kind of multitone to choose from, we know much more. Purists can work in two or more tones, freely adjusting them. In the end, we save the ready settings after the pain. The lead signal doesn’t suit us? That’s not a problem either.

Flashlight, the vibration we know it. free update? Great nice too. Watch? Time is important, if the wife is waiting at home, it’s ok. Hour meter? Revelation. Now we know how much our detector really worked.

We have 4 programs such as PARK, POLE, BEACH, and GOLD FIELD. We have a depth indicator, we set the speed of separation of objects, the so-called recovery speed which also affects the depth. We automatically detune interference or select single operating frequencies: 4, 10, 15, 20, and 40 kHz.

I am very pleased with the choice of the MULTI work variant. The PARK and POLE programs, it is M1 and M2. M1 is a multi-frequency range sensitive to high conductors like silver, and M2 to low conductors like gold. This is a great move on the part of the manufacturer, allowing for precise adjustment to the prevailing conditions. The BEACH program has variants Mw and Md, where W (wet) means a wet beach and D (dry) a dry one.

The tests are ongoing. I hope you will share your opinion under this post, more information can be found in the video below:



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