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Nokta Makro The Legend vs XP DEUS II

How hard it is to compare currently produced detectors does not need to convince anyone. Price is no longer the only exponent.

The competition among manufacturers has come full circle, and the data alone will be of little use for a simple reason, which is the device software. To make matters worse, the popular software update can mess up a lot and turn an average detector into a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately, it also works the other way around.

Nokta Makro The Legend and XP DEUS II are connected only by multi-frequency technology, all the rest is diametrically different, maybe apart from the quality of workmanship, in which the Turkish manufacturer tries to catch up with the competition and he does it really very well. The wireless Frenchman is a class by itself and no one has beaten the 960-gram weight of the device so far. In heavy terrain, such parameters speak with each subsequent swipe, and the modular design allows you to change the configuration.

There will be those who will complain that you can’t buy traditional batteries and everything has to be charged separately. This has never happened to me – a power outage. Fortunately, the multitude of modules allows you to resign from the discharged RC panel and use headphones in its place … there are some emergency options.

Let’s get down to earth. The Legend is also solidly built and won’t let you down in the field. It’s not XP’s build quality, but the price is half the God of Detectors. a lot? That’s possible. The Legend convinces with its ease of use and very strong integration with the user. After a while we understand everything, and quiet and stable work is a real pleasure. Audio, yes, audio finally exists and is doing well, especially since we can change a lot. It’s not a symphony from DEUSA II, but it’s closer than farther. The clear detector does the job as it should and that speaks to me. Symbiosis and pleasure. DEUS II is a much more difficult device or is it worse? No. It just requires much more time to master and understand the dependencies of the settings. When will it pay off? In very difficult and specific conditions such as a very large amount of iron. In such a place, XP shines and a title that was not given to it by chance. A large number of settings allow you to adjust the equipment to yourself and the environment. This is a big advantage, but also something that requires a lot of constipation and time. As you can see on social media, many have given up and are putting our Detector God up for sale.

So how to choose? Smart, and so serious? For 90% of Nokta Makro The Legend is enough and will make us really happy. On the same littered meadow, I was better with the Turk than with the French, but I know that it was a medium difficult place, and I would take XP to the rubble of the old inn. DEUS II is a great solution when someone needs lightweight equipment due to injuries or hard-to-reach terrain. It is also a tool to work in a large garbage can and in a huge amount of iron, which makes other devices simply ineffective.

Depth? Both detectors have enough of it. All in the video below. Remember to subscribe!

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