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Our previous flagship model has now been upgraded to be more versatile and deeper than ever before, the Vista Gold Gain will give you more control and more depth over the standard Vista Gold that was already an amazing detector.

You still have most the great features that the original Vista Gold has apart from one, that is the recovery speed option that now has been removed, we pulled this feature due to even in slow recovery speed mode the Vista Gold was still a very fast machine.

Instead you’ll now see that we have replaced the S/F toggle switch with a Gain dial, this is now what makes the Vista Gold into the Gain version along with some new internal electronics and upgraded audio. You now have the option to adjust the Gain and Sensitivity independently,  this allows you to set the detector up more precisely in order to achieve better results in the field. The Vista Gold Gain has the ability now to  search for smaller items than before, running at 30 kHz really makes a difference especially to the performance in both mineralised and non mineralised ground.

This detector is aimed more towards the experienced Detectorist but newcomers to the hobby can still get great results even by running tame settings, it’s only when you progress in the hobby we recommend you raise the detectors settings to upmost maximum in order to achieve optimal performance when the ground conditions and EMI allows.


Operating Frequency 30 kHz
Detector type motion
Sensitivity control Yes
Volume control Yes
Discrimination Yes
Booster Yes
2Tond Mode (low tone for ferrous and high tone for non-ferrous objects)

All Metal Mode

Gain Control

Recovery speed Very fast
Searchcoil Size 11”
Searchoil Type 2D
Cable lenght 53” ( 135 cm )
Audio Frequency 780/390 Hz
Weight (with batteries) aprox. 1400g
Batteries Requirements 8 x 1,5 V AA Alkaine or rechargeable batteries with more than 2000 m A/h
Battery Life 28 hours
LED Low Battery Alert
Operation Temperature Range 10-40 C
Optimum Humidity 0 to 75% R.H.


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