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OMNITRON: Best in class and waterproof! For years you can watch him in my films … he doesn’t look healthy anymore … but he has passed his way and he doesn’t disappoint. The three-stage signaling is best in class. Discreet LED diode, although it is difficult to talk about the lighting of the work area … I sincerely recommend it. An investment for years!

Metal detector GARRETT Propointer AT – a new, improved version of the proven Pointer. The versatile pinpointer will work in any terrain and environment (also under water). It allows you to precisely locate and indicate metal objects. The waterproof structure protects the entire device, so it can be submerged to a maximum depth of 3 meters.

Completely waterproof up to 3 meters in orange color, which ensures perfect visibility of the device under water. Maximum sensitivity to locate even the smallest objects. 3 sensitivity levels to choose from. Turn on and search, just moments after pressing the button, the Propointer AT instantly adjusts the environment and narrows the detection field to precisely locate larger targets.


  • Completely waterproof to a depth of 3m, the orange color increases its visibility under water.
  • Maximum sensitivity increasing the probability of detecting the smallest objects. 3 sensitivity levels can be selected.
  • Rapid Ground Balance: A quick button press eliminates external noise and narrows the coverage area, allowing you to target larger targets faster
  • Lost alarm: The detector will start signaling “lost” after 5 minutes of no buttons being pressed.
  • Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of giving a lost signal; battery saving.
  • Simple one-button operation: on / off, retuning, sensitivity and silent mode.
  • Ruler in centimeters and inches: permanently placed on the side of the detector, it helps to estimate the depth of the find.
  • Eyelet for attaching a lanyard.
  • New button for easier operation, even when wearing gloves.

Ground balancing speeds up: Narrowing the search area, allowing larger features to be located faster; “Cutting out” the impact of soil mineralization; estimating the size / depth of the find; determining the outline of large objects; determining whether the signal comes from a single object or from multiple, smaller objects.

Garrett PRO-POINTER AT is:

  • Patented technology of progressive sound / vibration signaling
  • Patented profiling for easier over-digging of the soil
  • Twice the working time of other detectors with LED backlight
  • Pinpoint tip and 360 ° detection area
  • LED torch for difficult lighting conditions
  • The set includes a solid belt holster and a 9V battery
  • Large operating button

The set includes:

  • Garret Pro-Pointer AT detector
  • User manuals in Polish
  • Belt holster
  • 9V battery
  • Proof of purchase and warranty card

User manual

GARRETT Pro Pointer AT user manual


Model name: Garrett Pro-Pointer® AT
Model number: 1140900
Operating temperatures: from -37°C to 70°C
Operating frequency: 11.5 kHz
Waterprooof Raiting: max. 3m; IP 68

Automatic or manual retune


Proportional audio/vibration pulse rate


Power, Retune, Adjust switch


Length: 22.9 cm


From 3.8 cm to 2.2 cm
Weight: 200g with battery
Battery: 9V (included)
Battery life: from 60 to 10 hours – depends of battery kind
Warranty: 2 years
Patent: US 7,575,065


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