MAGNASMART Magnetometer

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MAGNASMART locates without the need for constant motion, unlike “motion style audio” magnetometers that lose target signals when the probe stops moving. Motion technique has many disadvantages. – The probe can only be kept moving easily on flat ground but with difficulty on uneven ground. – Motion forces the operator to search faster and often miss the deep weak signals. – Also it is difficult to pinpoint the exact target center. MAGNASMART magnetometer locates at any speed. Sweeping the MAGNASMART probe fast or even holding it motionless above the target will not cause the signal to fade. Pinpoint is instant. Suitable for searching through rocks, bushes, trees, etc.

Automatic operation is easier than ever. With minimum controls, MAGNASMART can be used by anybody, anywhere!. Only one knob to set the sensitivity range. Set HIGH for metal-free zones away from concrete bars, and fences, for deep detection of voids – tunnels, foundations, ferrous relics, and treasure hunting in the fields. Set it LOW to locate surface targets like shallowly buried manhole covers, pipes, and when working near fences in urban areas.

Color LCD. Displays a graphic meter for signal intensity and target numerical values, plus battery check.

MAGNASMART is 3D data logger ready. Connects to ICON DATA real-time magnetometer & metal detector data logger. Using the ICON DATA logger, scan the field at a normal pace. 2D & 3D maps are generated on a tablet PC or laptop in real-time. No need to upload data later to a PC. The data logger is useful to determine target size, shape, and depth.

Detachable “twist to lock” probe. Locks instantly to MAGNASMART magnetometer. Easy to transport and store.

More depth. Compare MAGNASMART against magnetometers costing up to 4 times the price

“VCO” audio target recognition. Optimized for target hunting at depth. A precise “ticking sound” announces those deep weak targets. The audio tone gradually rises in frequency as the signal becomes stronger, for accurate pinpoint.

9-volt battery holder plus an input for external 12 V battery pack. Extends operation up to 25 hours.

• High detection depth range
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Mini headphones plug
• Push button for visual battery status check
• Detachable “twist to lock” gradiometer probe
• Data logger connection for ICON DATA
• Internal speaker
• Dynamic VCO audio signals
• Automatic ground balance after power on
• Non-motion operation and location at any speed
• Color LCD with signal meter and numerical values
• Dynamic design for extra depth
• External 12V battery pack
• Ergonomic handle
• Quality construction materials


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User adjustable sensitivity to adapt for any magnetometer application, utility, archaeology and treasure hunting.

LOW SENSITIVITY : Ideal for industrial, utility & pipe location. To find shallow buried iron pipes, manhole covers, ferrous targets in urban areas, even near fences, parked automobiles and concrete bars.

HIGH SENSITIVITY : Archaeology applications to detect ceramics, landfills, voids, tombs, tunnels, foundations, ancient ditches, pits, dug ground. Military application, weapons, army bunkers and bombs at depth, unexploded ordnance survey ( UXO ), landmines. Treasure hunting, to locate ferrous relics.

  • weight : 4,5 Kg ( with carry case ) 1,25 Kg ( without carry case )
  • dimensions of carry case : 126 cm X 27 cm x 12 cm
  • length : 1 m. ( assembled ) 86 cm ( collapsed )
  • battery : external 12 V power pack
  • Battery life : +/- 25 hours 80 cm gradiometer probe backlight LCD 2,5” magnetic field resolution: better than +/- 50000nT


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