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Pinpointer SPHINX 03

The new pinpointer from the Russian company Sphinx 03 is breaking popularity records abroad. In Poland, in the name of sick political correctness, there is hate that this is not allowed, one pinpointer is the life of one Ukrainian. Ideology has reached the bottom, because what can be said about Russian tanks used on the Ukrainian front or about the pinpointers themselves, which the Ukrainians themselves are asking about? What about the gas we buy from Russia, so won’t we heat our homes and refuel our cars?!

There is no point in combining passion with politics, it has never been good for anyone, at least not in this way, so what do we get new in version 03?

What’s included?

The set includes, apart from a holster – I already have a second thigh holster – only one for the belt (my version is a test version, so it may change), we also have a lanyard and a charging cable. Not much has changed here, but the first difference that catches the eye is the built-in internal battery and the USB-C charging connector. Some will be delighted, others will complain that a replaceable battery will be better in the field. Who likes whatever?


Water resistance to 6 meters remains unchanged. Automatic switching on and only when removed from the holster – we know it from the previous model, loss alarm or switching to switching off mode if the pinpointer is not used. Changing the tone, volume, 4 sensitivity modes, flashlight, LED indication of the battery discharge level and additional tuning is a copy of what was previously presented to us.


What’s new is simple discrimination, the color is signaled by a green LED on the housing cap or a red one, all accompanied by a change in tone and vibration.

I can already hear the howling, who needs discrimination in pinpointers?! Well, why?! Most of us won’t find it useful, but there are exceptions. First of all, the beaches are covered with an awful lot of caps. Sphinx 03 will allow you to avoid priceless waste of time, and secondly, it is an ideal solution for diving, where we make our work much easier in a difficult environment. The last place is the areas full of iron, splinters, or nails, and we will be much better there too.


Everyone must decide for themselves what will be better for them. So are there any other new features – or solutions that distinguish the Sphinx 03 pinpointer from other pinpointers available on the market? Yes, and it’s an app. Who needs a pinpointer application? Village idiots are tearing their clothes and screaming at the heavens! Just for them, for those who do not read the instructions and do not know how to switch functions using one button and the combinations associated with it!

But how?! It’s incredibly simple, you can connect to the pinpointer and switch all the functions on the smartphone screen and, in addition, check the exact battery charge level… The application will be in English and maybe even in Polish, we still have to wait for that.

Update in pinpointer?

In the future, the manufacturer also provides for the possibility of remote software updates. Are there any other questions?

Good because it’s Russian?!

How could this pinpointer be so sensitive and good and, on top of that, Russian?! The problem lies in our stereotypical beliefs, acquired over the years, that everything Russian is bad and is of no use. Times have changed and it’s time to wake up.

Sphinx 03 is currently the best pinpointer with the largest number of settings and configuration options on the market, and also the most sensitive. The manufacturer also added a cover for the tip of the pinpointer to protect it from abrasion.

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Which pinpointer to choose?

What pinpointer picks a mole? As a rule, the answer we hear is the cheapest one, a large error. The tools should be of good quality, and so should the additional detector for precise tracking of objects in the hole.

Whether it will be waterproof is another matter, but above all, it must be easy to use and effective.

Here you can forget about effective cheap devices. Chinese counterfeits of key brands somehow work there, but it is a chocolate-like product. Difficult to track, poor performance, few features, and poor quality. Waste of time. Someone who used branded equipment knows that it is an investment for years and it is worth adding so as not to be nervous later in the field.

The topic of whether a pinpointer is needed at all can be postponed. Is. It makes work easier and saves time. It’s worth having such a tool, period and end.

What else to pay attention to? First, is the power source. Built-in rechargeable batteries or replaceable batteries. As I know from experience, we will not charge an empty battery in the middle of the forest, just like we will not buy a battery. Both solutions have their drawbacks.

Vibrations, sound, and a flashlight are now standard in devices of this type, but volume control or sound type is not necessary. Some models have the option of wireless communication with the detector or wireless headphones. This is a very useful feature. We automatically hear the pinpointer sound when turned on, and when the metal detector audio is turned off.

The battery charge indicator is useful to avoid problems and disappointment. As a rule, it works by flashing the flashlight diode or changing its color.

Our mole should also have a cover for the parts, which we bury passionately in the soil, we will avoid the costly replacement of the housing, which is the majority of the price of the entire device.

Tenderness can be our friend as well as our enemy. Why? Too high causes interference and reduces the stability of work, too small makes the detector insensitive to small artifacts – such as micro jewelry, which can be of great importance when searching on the beach.

A good quality holster or lanyard will protect the device against loss, and the lost notification system will allow you to try to find the device in a stalemate.

Finally, an important tip, some pinpointers can interfere with the detector. It’s worth checking it out before buying.

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