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Tarsacci MDT 8000 how to set up?

How to set up the Tarsacci MDT 8000 detector correctly? The device has a clear and simple menu, without any hidden functions, but still requires a lot of time to take advantage of the new technology, which is not used by any other manufacturer.

The first and key choice is the operating frequency of our detector. We choose from 6.4 to 18 kHz. Interestingly, even a low frequency allows us to detect very small objects in size … well, the charm of PI (pulse induction) used in this hybrid. Lower frequency means better performance – depth, but also worse separation of objects in cluttered terrain. It is also better for signaling coin-shaped and volume objects, as opposed to foil or pieces of aluminum.

Another workflow problem. We have three types: all metal, discrimination, and mixed mode. All Metal will be good for virgin spots, where the signal appears from the holidays. We only have one and we have to look at the ID displayed on the screen. DISC is the only right solution for total trash. The signal is short and if it is repetitive you have to dig. The mixed mode gives us additional information about the size and depth of the object. Places clean or moderately littered.

Before we start, we look for a clean place and calibrate to the ground, if we still have a signal from the ground, we increase the value by 50, this should mute the device. Next, we hear the response of the ground. We can try to use the SALT function – salinity level. We pump the probe traditionally above the soil and adjust the value to mute the response. The starting point is 29. Finally, we are left with THRESHOLD – TRH. You have to be careful here. Too high a value and we lose ranges and we will not hear small objects. We always set the limit. If the ID shows low values when sweeping the probe, we need to compensate with this function.

Iron breaking through the scale and falling into color can be handled by using a DISC value of -29 or +26. Finally, there is the sensitivity adjustment. It’s not worth exaggerating. MDT 8000 already at a value of 4 is deeper than most known detectors. We eliminate all instabilities and interferences by reducing the sensitivity or changing the frequency.

I am curious about your opinions on the Tarsacci MDT 8000 detector, write under this post.

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