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I spent last Sunday testing the XP DEUS II metal detector. I can’t get rid of the RELIC program. Unfortunately, habits probably prevail over reason, but one by one.

As we know, this program is similar to the well-known DEUS I under the name GOLDFIELD. Yes, it’s a typical tool for finding gold nuggets. Discrimination called IAR (Iron Amplitude Rejection) works in a completely different way than the classic solution. The device rejects iron by volume, according to the signal strength, and it can be adjusted in the range from 0 to 5. The last value means the strongest – the largest objects/signals.

The program is not for everyone. Why? This is a typical All Metal, in which we have one signal, although modulated to low and high conductors. The iron is signaled by a low tone, the volume of which can be additionally adjusted. As I mentioned earlier, the IAR value determines its volume – the signal strength. In practice, this works great, provided that the area is not extremely cluttered and you can set the REACTIVITY value low, which gives us even better performance in the case of depth. The fact is, you have to sweep slower and use the XY chart (link on YouTube), which additionally supports identification.

Audio in the form of PITCH modulated tone depending on the signal strength with the superimposed PWM profile (DEUS I) or SQUARE (new audio closer to Minelab) also helps a lot. Audio amplification and lead level are also additional tools that greatly improve identification. It is worth setting them well for the conditions prevailing in a given place, thanks to which we have more control over what happens after the probe.

With good settings and not too mineralized soil, the detector is really very deep. I pulled out an old ornament from a good 40 cm, and the signal was tearing the headphones. Certainly, in a place where there is a lot of colored garbage and iron, it is worth using the FAST or GENERAL program, they set the filters (functions) appropriately for the prevailing conditions beforehand, or in the case of total garbage, try the DEUS MONO variant. Unfortunately, all this takes time and conditions, and these have recently been very scarce.

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