DeepTech Ground Pioneer 4500

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The Ground Pioneer 4500 is the pulse metal detector with great power plus all the major advantages of our previous discriminating PI metal detectors. The DIGITAL Ground Pioneer 4500 is a composite detector not only for the reason that there is a build-in MAGNETOMETER SENSOR SYSTEM.The built-in data ports allow for data logging and optional 3D Imaging and GPS software, which helps the user visualize the target by shape and size and map its location.
Ground Pioneer 4500 has discrimination and detection of smaller, deeper gold targets, treasures, veins, which provides one of the best-in-class sensitivity and depth with 3D capability for pinpointing and detection. The optional additions of our coils and the pulse induction imaging this amazing machine produces, gives the user deeper detection and discrimination of deeper, smaller targets than standard VLF or Pulse Induction detectors.

Patent protected system!


Ground Pioneer 4500 standart equipment

Control Unit

Leather Carry Case with Strap

Charge system

11” Round Coil

1m/1m Square Coil – With Magnetometer with Carry Strap

3-PC Handle for the round coil

2 Sets screw and washers, 2 zip ties

DVD with User Manual


Working voltage:12V.

Baudrate: 19200

Databits: 8

Stop bits: 1

Com port setup: 19200 8n1

Raw data format direct from ADC

Continuous power consumption:min 240mA (with no sound and light ).

Pick power:>250 W.

Maximum power consuption:280 mA.

Working Frequency:100 Hz.

Sound Range:0,1Hz-6,5kHz.

Battery:Rechargeable 1,3(2,3-optional)Ah,hermetic,acid Battery.

Charger input (adapter):100/240V 50/60 Hz/AC

Charger output:14.6 VDC 500mA .

Battery Charging Time(empty):Max.10 hours.

Full Microprocessor Control.

Automatic Ground Balance.

Auto Tracking.

Manual Tuning.

Delay control.

Graphic Mode Analyzing Target.

Display:20/2 LCD module with back light with three mode.

All metal/No-Motion mode.

Audio and Visual Discrimination Mode(by built-in Magnetometer-Sensor System).

Depth Control for Maximized Detection Depth.

Reset controls for easy operation.

Headphone input:1/4” Mono Jack.

External Power Supply.

Protection against reverse polarity.

Optimal Temperature Range:-10 to 50 Degrees C.


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