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OTB, abbreviated as Omnitron Treasure Box or Coinpad, is a proprietary coin box designed by us and addressed to Seekers/Detectorists.

I needed a quick, convenient set, like a Swiss army knife, comfortable and not taking up too much space, handy and easy to use while searching. Quick cleaning of the coin, available magnifying glass, possibility of positioning for photographing the find, and safe protection of the contents. This is how this project was created, and after a year of testing, we are implementing it for regular sale!

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Modular design

The compact, modular design allows for convenient use and quick coin access. The box is pressed into place and additionally secured with a magnet. The lid has a ruler and a slot for placing a coin for identification or photo. My goal was to protect the contents as much as possible, facilitate identification, and reduce to a minimum the necessary accessories that are prone to getting lost.



It is lined with a soft sponge with cuts to protect coins best, especially those delicate, thin pieces of silver, against damage to the fragile patina. Anti-slip edges allow for a firm grip even when your hands are wet.


The set includes a brush and an atomizer for initial cleaning and a magnifying glass (x7 magnification) attached under the box with a snap. This solution makes identification easier and faster.

Belt mount

The base has a belt hook with the ability to rotate the hook 360 degrees (4 positions locked with a screw) and the ability to also change the position of the atomizer. This allows for use by left-handed people. The hooks also allow attachment to buckles or Molle systems. The whole thing can be oriented in four different positions.

Set includes:

  • Mounting base
  • Magnifying glass (magnification x 7)
  • Container with lid
  • Sponge with cuts
  • Atomizer
  • Atomizer mounting with the possibility of changing its position
  • Toothbrush with soft bristlesPLA material, FDM print. Design, design, and solutions reserved. Below is the full set.


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