Sphinx Magnetic Pinpointer 02

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Sphinx 02 Magnetic pinpointer is seemingly nothing new and not a revolution. It is a Compact, holster, with a slightly longer range than the Garrett AT, is also waterproof, has several operating modes, and has 40 minutes lost alarm. For dessert, a change of audio type, slightly similar to the XP Mi-4 and 6 products, and the ability to turn on and off one of the most powerful pinpointer flashlights that I have been able to use … in the night version, red color to choose from. As if that was not enough, the 3 colors of the flashlight will show us the status of the battery! At the end, the manufacturer gives us the opportunity to calibrate the device’s performance on our own!

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An innovative thing is the automatic launch and only the pinpointer after removing or inserting into the holster, and basically two holsters – one for the belt, the other for the thigh with an additional pocket for spare batteries! A lanyard will protect everything from loss.

Facilitations in the equipment are the most important thing because this is the time we gain less tired fingers from constantly pressing the switch. In cold weather, it can also be invaluable for repeating an activity over and over again! A brilliantly simple and revolutionary solution!

To make it all that not enough, the volume control was added, which is also a complete sensation, because apart from vibrations, you can set the audibility threshold to your own preferences.

Some technical and marketing gibberish:

  • 12 kHz operating frequency
  • High sensitivity
  • Dustproof and waterproof housing in accordance with the IP68 standard (up to 6 meters);
  • 8 operating modes;
  • 4 sensitivity levels (3 fixed + 1 user configurable);
  • Fast ground tuning;
  • “Sphynx magnetic” ™ function – automatic and on / off when taking out and putting into the holster;
  • “Dive” function (underwater mode);
  • Static mode of operation;
  • Interference protection system;
  • Multi-tone audio;
  • 2 types of sound signaling;
  • Choice of: light, sound, and vibration alarm + flashlight with switch-off function;
  • Battery discharge indicator;
  • Ergonomic shape;
  • Lost mode (within 40 minutes);
  • Average working time 60 hours;
  • Power source 9v battery
  • Weight 160 grams
  • Working temperature range: -20 to +60 degrees C.

Kit Contents

Set contains:

  • pinpointer Sphinx Magnetic 02
  • pinpointer holster attached to the belt
  • high-mounted pinpointer holster
  • fastening lanyard

User Manual

Sphinx 02 Magnetic user manual EN


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