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The best Tarsacci MDT 8000 detector revolution in the user’s eye

Half a year ago, if someone had told me that I would get a professional detector like the Tarsacci MDT 8000, I would not have believed it at all … and I did not believe it waiting for a device straight from the USA. I had my doubts standing in the field with him. Now I’m sure. This is the best device I’ve had in my hands for over 10 years … unfortunately, not the cheapest either.

Pros and cons of the detector

I understand there will be two camps here. One says that a good thing must cost money and the other is where you can buy really great equipment for 1/2 the price. Both sides have their reasons, but as we know, the devil is in the details.

Quality workmanship knocks down. No slack, fudge, or complaints … there is one defect of the carbon detector post … apparently, it whistles in the wind … that’s what I read on the Tarsacci forum on Facebook.

Tarsacci Poland:

Tarsacci UK:

Everything else is a masterpiece, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Just check who is responsible for creating this equipment. Dimitar Gargov – former engineer of the Fisher Labs company, which needs no introduction to anyone, like their metal detectors, which are known all over the world. Finally, just add the name and surname: Thomas Dankowski and we have one of the best duos in this field in the world. After over two years of testing and we have the Tarsacci MDT 8000.

Water resistance is a big advantage, but to surprise nowadays, apart from performance, you have to give something else. In this case, we get amazing, soft audio that was created by someone who really dealt with real field research. The sounds do not tire for many hours, they give a precise description of the item and a lot of additional information. When we add above-average performance even with the first 11×9-inch probe, we are shocked. There’s no need to cheat. The Polish icon RUTUS Alter 71 is over 7 to 10 cm shallower in mixed mode, which can be seen in the videos below.

A quick visual comparison of Tarsacci MDT 800 and Rutus Alter 71 in heavy clay soil.

The joy of a professional detector

The popular Boratynka with 30 cm? No problem. Loud and clear, not to be missed. The machine confidently fastens on good objects and gives a descriptive response in the form of sound. Trash and the signature changes, and the sound is longer and blurry. There is no doubt. Here’s an example search video. For several weeks, Mariusz has been unable to get rid of the feeling that he should collect money for this detector. Unfortunately, it is financially out of his reach.

YouTube player

How often to search for metals

In the end, a knockout in a littered area or under the lines. Work stability. There is complete silence. Sometimes I check with a shovel if Tarsacci is still working. Do you have a problem? Is something waking up? You change the operating frequency for your choice: 6.4Khz, 9Khz, 12Khz, and 18Khz. In this way, you can influence the performance or adjust the frequency of work to the prevailing conditions or the items you are looking for. For example, we are interested in big and deep old iron, we use 6.4Khz. We need to take care of ourselves in the trash and look for something small 12 or 18Khz will be a great choice.

The manufacturer spoils us by giving a huge Li-ion battery in the set and a charger, basically two batteries with a capacity of 5000 mAh each. I don’t remember, yet, that it was possible to completely discharge it by going to 9Khz. After 4-5 hours, no line falls, and we still have a supply.

Intuitive operation of the Tarsacci device

The simplicity of use brings to mind devices from the lowest price segment. No drop-down menus or hidden functions or filters that we need to remember about. It’s an amazing advantage. We don’t stand around and rummage through equipment while others dig up stuff.

Flexibility to work in various conditions, from extremely salty beaches to highly mineralized soils, puts Tarsacci at the forefront of the best devices of this type. We have the ability to compensate for volcanic sands and magnetic soils in the form of the BLK (Black Sand) function. We also affect the salinity with the ST settings. And I don’t mean an ocean beach at all… but fields with tons of fertilizers. In this way, apart from the stability mentioned at the beginning, we get peace of mind in the form of no masking from coke or foil. This is a significant advantage over other devices that simply can’t cope in the world.

You can go back to the places you have been to and enjoy them again. In combination with the new 12-inch probe, we get another up to 10 cm more. Finally, the user’s statement:

☘️ Half a year with Tersacci and 2 months with a 12 “coil. I have flown a lot of hours, I think I used 10 batteries and one is enough for a very long time 18 hours at 6.4khz and over 30 at 18khz. There are rather no defects in the construction, the only holes in the seat post howl in the wind 😄 but they are already wrapped. The traces of wear on the machine are negligible. As for the new coil and without the cover, it seemed to me that it would wear out very quickly, but nothing could be more wrong, only minor scratches came out and that’s it, and the areas were plowed fields, meadows, and stones.

As for the handling, it is very strange because I have not yet met a detector that would be at maximum sensitivity all the time and was so stable ..! As with all detectors, you have to overlap and dig to understand what and where.

Anyone who has doubts and decides that it is just marketing can use the forum where users describe their experiences with this detector in English:,152652

See you in the field!

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