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Professional detectors for deep excavations

Deposits, relics, or treasures keep many people awake at night. This is every Seeker’s dream. Get something like this. It is not given to everyone.

Deep burials are now rare. It’s not an easy topic. The case is complicated and complex. So what to use for a large animal? Lots of people have heard of it but don’t know it. Frame detector, impulse detector, then there are the terms data logger or graphic imaging.

INVENIO device

The choice is wide and the prices can make you dizzy. From the Nokta Makro offer, you can choose the best INVENIO metal detector. The device in a simple and easy way perfectly illustrates buried items, although it requires attention and a certain work regime. Unfortunately, it is not available to everyone. The price of PLN 35,000 means that it remains in the realm of dreams. It must be remembered that this type of equipment is a poor choice for everyday searches. In addition to the knowledge put in, the solution needs time to interpret the data – to process it. It will be more suitable for archaeological research, field measurements, or when looking for specific things.

Impulse detectors

So what to go with a big animal? I recommend a pulse detector. frame and preferably with a magnetometer. I know from experience that for large militaria the size of the probe is 1 x 1 meter or more. Smaller solutions are too sensitive to small objects and this causes various problems in the field.

In our offer, you will find DeepTech Ground Pioneer 4500. The item is interesting because you can order any frame size in the set and you get an 11-inch probe plus a frame. You can look for small items in the uncluttered areas, such as coins, and this is a big help. If it is clean, the performance will be higher than in classic detectors with VLF technology. PI pulse devices do not have discrimination. The magnetometer helps in the rough differentiation of the so-called color of iron. This is a very helpful solution.

Ciekawostką w ofercie jest sonda do sprawdzania szybów wentylacyjnych czy studni. Można ją zamówić oddzielnie, podobnie jak data logger, który pomaga nam w obrazowaniu znalezisk.

Operation of the detectors

Finally, let’s talk about performance. A beverage can is up to 2 meters deep with a frame size of 1 x 1 meter. In the case of a vehicle, you can talk about performance up to 8 meters. No need to worry, we won’t forget the tank. Objects below the size of a can are not detected, which in the case of surface debris – small can help us.

An additional advantage is an ability to work in the case of a highly mineralized substrate. The disadvantage of this type of device is the speed of operation, lack of discrimination or the need for assistance when using. Two people should carry the probe, and the third one operates the control panel, if we add a data logger to this, the whole thing requires patience, coordination, and an understanding of the operating principles.

So who should choose such a device? Seekers, Deposit Hunters, this type of offer is addressed to them. Archaeologists or geologists document places and also search for empty spaces. As you can see, the application possibilities are quite wide.



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